Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello to all of my new visitors! I'm so excited to have you all stop by. I haven't had a lot of time for DIY projects this year, what with our new business and my daughter turning one [a.k.a. becoming super mobile], which keeps us on our toes. I thought I'd share some of my Holiday decorations for this year instead, just so you all knew I hadn't forgotten about this blog. I promise to get some cute projects up soon! 

Let's start with the tree, shall we? 
 It is, of course, a KU theme. Because I'm obsessed with KU and have accumulated a ton of those ornaments over the years. 
 I also have some really dorky ornaments [just ask my sister] but I like to think of them as "scholarly". That's me lying to myself about being a dork. 

 My mom started the tradition of collecting ornaments for us every year since we were little, and I want to continue that tradition with my daughter. This year, Addi's favorite movie is "Despicable Me." I searched all over for a minion ornament and luckily my sister and mom found a few for me! Now, when Addi goes off to live on her own [sobs!], she'll have a collection of ornaments to hang on her own tree!

 This year with a tree was more interesting since our daughter was mobile. I surrounded the tree with big boxes filled with books and wrapped to look like presents - sort of as a barrier. It's worked out for the most part, though she has destroyed most of the wrapping paper. 

I try to keep the rest of my decorations simple - mainly because I've just become lazy. I didn't even bug my husband do put up lights this year. When Addi gets a little older and more aware of what Christmas is about, I will be more excited to put up decorations! 

I hope you're all having an amazing holiday season! Again, thanks so much for checking out my blog!!