Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY: Canvas

Hello, strangers!
Well, actually I've been the stranger, not you. 
My life has been consumed with our move & with Festival of Trees.

In case you're all like...what the heck is Festival of Trees? I'll tell you - 
it's a fundraiser that I happen to be chair of. It was this past Friday night. 
So life will slow down from now on and I can continue blogging at my usual pace.

This weekend I did a whole lot of nothing.
I took a three-hour nap Saturday afternoon.
Three hours
It was awesome. 

Sunday I was a little more productive. Not that I set the bar all that high on Saturday.
Matt & I got the screen hung in the basement and everything up on the walls.
I say Matt & I, but I hung most of the stuff on the walls. I'm super ADD about symmetry so I don't let him do that. He's crying in a corner right now because of it. 

Last year I did my first mod podge project with a bunch of KU memorabilia I had lying around.
I have newspaper clippings dating back to like 1997. 
Hoard much?

So I made this canvas in an attempt to preserve my treasured clippings.
Here you'll see Raef Lafrenz, Paul Pierce, Aaron Miles, Jacque Vaughn - all the greats.
Plus, my sweet drawing that I got signed by the team when we greeted them at the airport after a big game. 
Why KU didn't hire me to design their latest logo is just beyond me. 
Anyway, at the time I had another cork board filled with clippings from our '08 championship. I had every intent to make another canvas to preserve those, but time got away from me and here I am a year later finally doing what I meant to.

Gather your pile of clippings.
 I organized the clippings the way I wanted them and then took them off again. Probably a step you can skip.
 I did a large page first in case there were minimal gaps in the clips I was going to put on there.
 Then: Mod Podge.
a crafter's best friend

 Annnnnd....get distracted by your animals and forget to take a finished picture. 
I'll get that done tonight when I take pictures of the new & improved theater room & the rest of the house. 
Mom, stop taking pictures of us. You're so embarrassing.
Basically it looks something like this:
 but more awesome.

I also have a shower curtain project I did that goes with this poster....yeeeeah, buddy.

So that's that, kids.
Not from the dead or anything cool, but just like...back.
From craziness.

Peace out, homies.

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