Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY: crayon-drip pumpkin

I was a busy gal last night.
I had the DIY bug, so I decided to do a project.
Most of the stuff I already had on hand, but I did have to go to HL to buy the pumpkin.
 It was stinking EXPENSIVE!
Luckily, all of their Halloween stuff was 40% off. 
But still. Seemed a little steep for a fake pumpkin.
You can do it with a real one, but I feel like that's a waste of time & money. Might as well make something you can use every year, amirite?

You'll need crayons, too [kind of a vital ingredient].
The tutorial I looked at over at The Swell Life used all of the colors, but I wanted to just use autumn-like colors. So I picked out oranges, browns, yellows, whites - you get the idea.
 I grabbed some quick-dry tacky glue at HL, too.
quick dry, my ass.

 Alright, so when you've got your crayons picked out, you're going to want to break them in half.
Putting the whole crayon on there will not only make your pumpkin look stupid, but it will likely make you look stupid for doing it. 
I know from experience.

After they're broken in half, peel off the wrapping.
I used an exacto knife to cut a line and it was 100 times easier than peeling it off piece by piece.
 Next, glue your crayons to the top.
Don't overdo it on the glue like me.
It dripped.
And we're currently out of paper towels so I had to use toilet paper to wipe it up. Which then left toilet paper remnants on my pumpkin.
 When they say "quick dry" on the label, what they really mean is: "this is going to dry about as quickly as a fatty runs the mile, so you better sit down and have a beer while you wait."

And next, turn on your hair dryer and let that shiz melt.
It looks kind of gory, right? I like that about it. 
It's Halloween. It's not supposed to be pretty.

I think all red crayons would be super-cool, too. It would look like dripping blood. 

Much more Halloween stuff to come. I LOVE this holiday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Foto Fun

WOW I've been slacking.
Well, not really. I've been posting more on my other blog:

It's been CRAAAAZY busy around here. 
SO much so that I decided to do something drastic....
like close my Etsy shop.

I know. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to do.
But I've already got tons of back orders that I need to get finished, not to mention get the rest of my house packed up. October is here, and we take possession of our new house in less than 15 days. 

I'm freakin' out, man!

So I don't have time to be making bats or painting shoes. I need to focus on getting my house stuff done, then finishing up Festival of Trees, and finally going to NYC with my mama and sis! 

I've decided that I'm going to keep this blog as a strictly DIY/Photo/Etsy Link type of blog. 
My other blog is going to remain my personal blog, with some photo updates and things that are going on in my life. 
If you're into that kind of thing and want to hear about the crazy life of the hubs and I, head on over there and follow!

This weekend was INSANE.
And amazingly awesome.
Friday night, we saw Ben Folds Five in concert [yeah, you're jealous, admit it] in KC. 
Saturday I did three [yes, you read that right - THREE] photo sessions. 
One family, two seniors.

A few of my favs:

 And one of Max, just for good measure.

I have more from the other senior shoot, but my internet was caveman slow, so I'll do a separate post tomorrow. 
Peace out, homies.