Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interior Decorating is not my friend.

I'm already stressing about how I'm going to decorate the new place.
First up on my don't-eff-it-up list is an area rug for the living room.

I've never had all wood floors before [YAY!] so I've never looked at [or gave a crap about] area rugs.

Needless to say, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

So, in keeping with the NYC/neutral tones/ultra modern look I'm going for [rolls eyes at herself], I need your help.

We have [almost] a brand new leather loveseat/couch set that is a dark brown color. Our wood floors in the new place are a standard oak color.

Should I stick with the gray tones that I'm going to do for the paint color on the walls?
Should I throw some color in the rug since everything else will be neutral?
What size should I get?
[I'm feeling another anxiety attack coming on..]

Here are a few of the favorites I picked out.
Please help me.
I am completely inept in this department.

You're awesome,
[only if you supply a helpful comment and/or sarcastic remark in the box below].


  1. This doesn't help you, but the 2nd to last rug would look great in my living room. You're welcome... Ha, I think the first two in a gray or navy would look awesome, but I also like the 3rd in black and brown since your furniture is brown. I'm a black and white fan though, it always looks so sharp.

    1. sister, this is about ME. Haha...juuuusst kidding.
      but seriously.

      thank you for your input.

  2. I like the 2nd to last one for some color. But if you decide to stay with neutrals (you could always accent with color...throw pillows and such) I like the 4th one.

    1. So true about pillows. Though, I find it difficult to spend $30 dollars on a throw pillow. Seriously, what are they, made of GOLD?

    2. You can recover old pillows. I saw a 4-H presentation this summer in which the girl used fleece and did a tie pillow over an old one.

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  4. I like area rug 4 (personal opinion, of course).


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