Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School's back in session

 Hello bloggers! 
It's mid-week, which gets me all sorts of excited. As of right now, we are closer to Friday than we are to Monday. 
I consider that a win. 

This past couple weekends, I offered my help to assist in the putting-together of my SIL's 5th grade room. 
Talk about a blast.
I never thought I'd say that.
But if I could be a professional organizer, I totally would.

We made these fun tissue-poms:
 and I sorted books & put them in bins:
 and she did everything else.
 I feel like I didn't help that much, but she assured me that I did. 
So I'll just shut up and go with it.

All of this back-to-school stuff is really making me miss being a kid.
Remember when buying a new backpack was the coolest part of going back to school?
And getting textbooks was exciting?
And fresh pencils were the bomb?!

What I wouldn't give for that excitement again.
I suppose I'll just have to visit her classroom to get my fill. :)

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