Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY | 1920's inspired headpiece

Hello blog friends - 
I can't believe it's already Thursday!
It's been a crazy-busy week. Between stuff at work, after work obligations and bat-making, I feel like time has flown by.
A couple weeks ago, my gal pal messaged me and asked me if I would make a headpiece for her. She's attending a Roaring-20's themed party [um, FUN!] and she wanted to make this, but wasn't really sure how.
I asked her to send me a picture of what she wanted and she sent this:
 Super cute, right?!
When I went to HL to get the supplies, I had completely forgot the details & colors in this one. For some reason I had it in my head to get the same colors to match the peacock feathers. 
I like the red, but I think the green looks cute, too. 

I bought a couple sprigs of feathers and peacock feather from the floral department.
They were all half off, so this entire project cost me about $4 dollars.
I basically just unraveled the feathers from the sprigs,
 cut the large feathers in half,
and just started gluing.

Lots of hot glue was involved.

 Turned out pretty cute, though, amirite?
I may or may not try to sell these in my etsy shop since they're ridiculously cheap to make.
Who knows.

That's all I've got for you today, kids.

Keep rockin' & rollin 


  1. I love it! That would be super fun for a Halloween costume too!

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