Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY | Chair Refurbishing

Holy cow, this is exciting. 
First post on my new site!
 If you're new here,
[which I'm guessing you are since it's been live for an hour now]
then welcome!

This is my new blog to post DIY projects, redecorating ideas, tutorials and everything in between.
I'm a Pinterest fanatic [click the "p" over there to follow me---------->]
so a lot of my ideas come from there. 

DIY: Bar Stool Re-Vamp
For this particular project, I had gotten a old school ice cream parlor table & chair set from my in-laws. 
[sorry about the poor foto quality, it's an oldie!]
When they moved to their new house, they were going to throw it out. 
I begged convinced my husband that we needed it and we have stored it in our basement for the past 6 months.

When we did our basement remodel this past weekend, [posted on my other blog here] we decided that it did more "collecting crap" than it did actually seating anyone.

My sister & BIL just moved and they are in need of a table & chair set. She's always been in love with this one & when she told me that her plan for the new kitchen was "old school Coca-Cola with red & black," I had a creative fit in my head. 

It would look perfect in her new kitchen!
If only I could reupholster those chairs......

Challenge accepted.
 I got 2.5 yards of black vinyl from Hobby Lobby [that's all they had, but it was the perfect size]
and monopolized my husband's staple gun for the afternoon. Otherwise, the only tools I used were pliers [in case of screw-ups], scissors, and a phillip's head screwdriver.  

First, I unscrewed the top pad off the metal base.
Then I cut the vinyl into four square pieces & rounded the corners to make it easier. You don't have to do this, I did it both ways and I don't think it made much of a difference.
 I stapled around the edges, doing 4 corners first so I could work from there. 
I ended up leaving the old vinyl underneath it because it was stuck in there real good.
[believe me, I tried]

And I often forgot that I needed to leave the 4 holes open where the screws drill into.
That's why the pliers are for. :)
 After you're done, say a small prayer that it will screw back on correctly
 and then recite these words:
"Damn, I'm AWESOME!"

Because you are.

At least that's how I felt.
I am the superwoman of reupholstering.

Alright, alright. You caught me. It wasn't that hard.
I finished in less than an hour.
The hardest part was getting the hang of the staple gun.

After that, I was all sorts of pumped, so I got out my stuff from HL to make a front-door hanging.
I've seen some cute ones on Pinterest,
like so:
blog here

But I wanted to make my own version.

I got a cute curly "R" [$2.99 + 30% off]
and a blue frame that I wouldn't have to paint [$20 + 50% off].
The wiring, lace & flowers I had lying around, as well as the spray paint I used for the letter. 
 I sanded and spraypainted the letter first, then wired it to the top of the frame
[on the back there were some staples I could attach to]. 
Then I hot-glued the lace & flowers to it for embellishment. 

And finally, I attached the wire at the top to hang it.
Total cost: $12 bucks

I almost picked up an "edging frame" for $20, which wasn't 50% off, but was incredibly cute. Thankfully, I spotted this one which had glass & a back originally [for photos], but I easily took those out to make it look like the expensive edging frame.

Easy as pie.

Anywho - thanks for joining me for my very first post on mk-creations.com & hope to see you all back soon.

If you like any of the stuff you see and want to share it on Pinterest or Facebook, I would be honored [and super-grateful]!!

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peace out homies


  1. Your manager speaking! Fantastic site sister! You're doing awesome! I feel privileged that your first post is something I get! The stools look fantastic and make me so excited to start decorating my retro diner kitchen! That's a lot of exclamations. Love it all, your biggest fan, Sister Megh

    1. Thanks sis!! Can't wait to see what it looks like in your new kitchen!

  2. I'm loving this too Mal! Can't wait to see what you post next!

    1. Thanks Rin!! I can't guarantee it's going to be all that interesting, but I'll try!! ;)


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